Word for 2018 “Balance”

Word for 2018

Last year, after reading many blogs where people chose a word for the New Year, I decided, to choose a word for the year myself.  Last year my word was “change” and many things did change for me over the course of the year.

My World for 2018

My word for 2018 is Balance.  I believe that balance is the key to happiness in life.  Balance is not always an easy thing to achieve.  For me, balance is one of the most difficult things to achieve.  It is my hopes to have a full balance in 2018.

I am married, have one amazing son and two dogs.  I am a blogging, photographer, and writing.  I wish to have balance not only in my personal life, but also in my work as well.  I have several novels in the works.  It is my plan this year to work on them, keep up with my blog and my other writing work that I do.

Do you chose a word for the year if so what is your word?

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Photo from pixabay.com https://pixabay.com/en/scales-balance-symbol-justice-36417/


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