Poetry: He and She


He is the Earth.
She is the sea.
She is a dreamer.
She always has her head in the clouds.
He keeps her grounded.
He is her rock.
He helps her see how things are.

She is a dreamer.
She is full of hope, love and understanding.

She is a mystic.
She is a seeker of truth.
She is a dreamer of magic.
She is full of hope.

He is a realist.
He sees things for what they are.
To him, hard work will take you far.
To him, the world is harsh
And, one must be strong to get by.

He does not take the time to see
The beauty in the little things.
He does not have time when his work is done.

She is a dreamer.
She finds the beauty in everything.
She sees the love that life brings.
She loves to hear the birds sing.

She is a dreamer.
A lover of life.
He is her rock.
He helps her see
The harsh realities of life.

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content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved


Poem: Try, Try, Try!!!

Try, Try, Try!!!
Live your dreams.
Set your soul on fire.
Work hard not to let them go dry.
Failure is no crime.
Sometimes it takes time.
Learn from your mistakes.
Learn from the mistakes of your brother.
Continue to live your desires.

Try, Try, Try!!!
If you achieve one dream
Next time dream even bigger.
Live your life to be the best you can be.
Always see yourself as a winner.
If you try, then you are a winner.
Even if things are not as big as you dreamed them to be
You are still a winner because you tried.

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content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved

Writing Wisdom: Know What Works for You!

Know What Work for You!

When you are working on your blog, it is sometimes difficult to know what works. Try many things to figure what will works best for your blog. Before you even know what will work for your blog, know what you want out of your blog! You will write differently for different blogs. What are you looking to get out of your blog? Do you want followers? We all want followers. But, what is more important to you views or your readers’ comments and interaction?

What I Wanted From Writing Through The Soul?

When I first started my blog, I was writing articles. I wanted both views and interaction from my readers. I started the blog to share my wisdom, and I wanted to know I was helping people.

Two weeks ago, I realized, my passion for writing is my poetry and short stories. When you write poetry and short stories, people often read your posts but most don’t comment. I only realized this when I posted my poetry. I gained over 150 followers,  when I started posting my poetry. This more than doubled the people that followed my blog. My views went up, but there were very few comments and interaction with my readers. Most poets do not seem to be bothered by no comments. For my poetry it doesn’t bother me.

My blog is not only my poetry and short stories. I also write about the wisdom I have gained over my lifetime. I write about my writing wisdom and about my spiritual wisdom. These are things I enjoy writing about. Doing both give my blog an all around reader bass. It is what works for me. I get to write a little of everything and that makes me happy.

Know What Type of Writing You Do Best!

You should know what type of writing you are best at. I for one am good at writing poetry. I love to write it and I do well with it. That is what I am good at writing. I also love to write short stories and that is another thing that does well on my blog. Sharing my wisdom means writing articles about the things I love. I have followers that just come to my blog for my article, some of the poetry and some for the stories. Being a diverse writer being me more followers.

It took me years to figure out what worked best for me. I needed to be writing all three for me to be happy. That is what works best for me. Know yourself as a writer. Know what you like to write. You have to know your followers and what they like to read. That is my writing words of wisdom for today.

Love and Light,

Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

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Photo writing hand and content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved

Dragon’s Layer #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo #writephoto


Sue Vincent did it again. She offers photo writing prompts on her blog, Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. I do not always do these prompts. Sometimes the photo is just too good for me to resist. The photo somehow speaks to my soul and tells me, do this one. This week’s photo did just that. This time I decided, to do something different, instead of a poem, I shared a local legend.

Dragon’s Layer

photo from  https://scvincent.com/2018/09/13/thursday-photo-prompt-spectral-writephoto/

Deep within the woods of a forest in New Jersey is a layer. This layer belongs to a creature that many do not think exists. This creature is huge over five stories tall. It has a long beautiful tail. If you are lucky enough to believe and have eyes that see, you can see this mighty creature in flight. This layer belongs to a mighty dragon known to some as the Jersey Devil.

content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved

Poem: Falling in Love With Me!


Rediscovering who I really am.
Finding the dreams that were
Lost in the troubles of childhood.
I have rediscover my strengths and my loves.
It took years to heal of the wounds of the past.
I have at last healed the soul.
I have discovered the beauty of myself.
I have realized that self love is not wrong.
You must love yourself before you can love another.
You must not judge others or yourself.
That was the hardest test for me.
I learned how to forgive
And let go of the past.
I have learned at least
That I am a beautiful soul.
I can be strong and bold.
For this do not scold.
There is a magic
In realizing the beauty and power of self.
You become a true being
And think for yourself.
Fall in love with all that you are
And you will go very far.

content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved

Poem: Depths of the Soul

In the darkest depths of the soul

You must seek the truth
You must find the light.
It is not an easy Journey
But one we must all take.
That is if we wish to truly see.
To see all that we are
And all that we can be.
Walk in the darkest of the soul
To break free of other’s hold.
You must me bold
To go on this journey.
Many choice to only take it
When they are old.
When they have the wisdom
Of a lifetime to guide them.
You must be a warrior!
You must be strong of mind!
You must believe in yourself!
Or you can get lost in the darkness.
Those with these traits and
The power to believe
Will find the light
In the darkness
And, be free.

content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved

Poetry : Soul Mission

My souls swells with quiet pride and joy
For I have finally realized my soul mission.
My higher-self guides me through all that I must do.
I thank the angels for coming through.
My human pride has finally stepped aside.
My guides will always help see me through.
They will let me know all that I have to do.
I see the God spark in every human being
It cannot hide from my seeing eyes.
These eyes that the angles have gifted me with
To see the souls of mankind.
The parts that some try to hide.
I have seen the light in all mankind.
I thank Gods for these gifts.
I thank every man, woman, and child
That walk the Earth.
We all walk together in peace, love and happiness.
It is only human self pride that hides this from
The World to see.

Photo and content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved